Recipe: Two Bean Vegetarian Chili

Mise en place: chop half of a medium onion, cut four garlic cloves into slivers (see Goodfellas for instructional video), set aside. Chop a medium tomato finely, taking care not to lose any juice. Seed half of a jalapeno and chop finely. Open two cans of beans; I used cannelini and pink kidneys, for “contrast.” Do not drain. Prepare chili powder and cumin. Salt and pepper go without saying (this expression makes no sense.)

Heat olive oil in a pan large enough to hold all the above over medium-high. Sauté onion and garlic till done (like this instructions?) Throw in tomato and jalapeno. Cook a couple of minutes, then dump beans with liquid. Season, stir, taste, repeat. My cumin is old, so I’ve compensated with chili powder. Bring to boil, then cover, and reduce heat. Not sure covering is important, especially when you’ve just realized that there is no lid. Cook until desired consistency. You might want to put in some tomato sauce, or paste, or even ketchup (horrors!)

Serve over salad, instead of dressing.

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