The Case for American History

I really like Coates’ writing, but as he sais himself, it doesn’t mean I agree with his ideas. Slavery sucks! No argument there from any sane person here. I really don’t understand it. The idea of owning a person goes against my grain on a level that I can’t explain. Just wrong.

But how am I to judge whom to blame and who is to pay? Africans sold their people to Spaniards. Brits were pioneering anti-slavery. I don’t want even start on the Aztec issue. Should we collect reparations from all these dudes? One might make a case that Mongols did a huge damage to Russia. Should Mongolia provide Russians with free vodka?

Human history is full of wrongs. Persians were busy at siege of Vienna, till a bunch of German knights showed up. What about Napoleon invading Russia, killing a whole bunch of French dudes in the process? I can go for quite a while.

I’m going to make a really politically incorrect statement. You sue people who can afford to pay.

Don’t get me started on garlic wars.

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