Lobachevsky and Australian Rodents.

Parallels do not intersect. In some mathematical minds they do.

We managed to get a lot of things done using Newtonian mechanics. Doesn’t mean that relativity doesn’t exist.

Speaking of parallels, enter left, Peter Singer. Curiously, channelled by both Obama and Putin recently.

If you’re walking past the lake (I believe he said, I did read his book, but this is from memory) and a person (crappers, can’t go down that lane right now) is drowning, would you save him? Most people say yes. So, he asks, how about thousands suffering and dying all over the world? I’m claiming my intellectual inferiority here (Singer is a Princeton professor, I’m not.) But I think he called the phenomenon ‘proximity bias.’

How about short term bias? Hyperbolic discounting, maybe (sorry, showing off.)

This brings me to article I was reading the other day (@annalthouse is to blame) about Australian rodents. The males eat a a lot for a month, or so, and then use up all the energy to have sex. So much sex, they die from it.

The species still exist, despite this self destruct sequence. And I care more about food I’ll need tomorrow, than, well, death.

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