Hedge Fund Proposal.

General idea is that we’re investing in the diversified portfolios of low fee mutual funds and, maybe, ETFs. I’ll seek to minimize the fees. My level of risk is tuned to about 30% of U.S. treasuries, about 30% of average risk of EM equity, and about 30% of Pacific Rim. Rest is oil, and precious metals. Subject to change, but I’m not in favor of frequent rebalancing (lazy.) No witching (triple, or whatever; just showing off)  for us. At this point, no shorts. Also subject to change (consider news in pharmaceuticals, but requires attention; I’m lazy.) For every $1000, I’ll invest my own grand, till run of money.  I’ll not collect any management fees, except incurred from brokers. My payment is 1% over your gains (annualized), compared to your savings account. Since I’m matching your fundung, there shouldn’t be any problem getting your money back in the absence of total nuclear war (then we’re all screwed.) This is just a proposal and not an advertisement. I need a lawyer for a partner.

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