Actually, I do (#herpes in my eye.)

Anyhow, the subject gives it away. A few months ago I complained about an irritation in my eye. I was in a reputable Massachusetts rehab, after a stroke and a kidney failure (magically went away, another long story and knock on wood.) They said it was conjunctivitis and prescribed antibiotic ointment. The application of the above was, well, not, pleasant. And it didn’t work. They tried eye drops. Didn’t work either. My eye was shedding tears like a faucet. My regular doctor (I was kicked out of rehab, since I could walk to the toilet; no complaints, another long story) referred me to an ophthalmologist. A month wait, but, hey, I didn’t pay a dime. The dude examined the darn eye, and totally panicked. Scared the scrap out of me, saying that that might be a (some sort of) -noma. You know, the C word. I was referred to a hot shot cornea specialist at MGH. After another month (once again, no complaints; eye actually was not irritating anymore, just blurry) I was diagnosed there with a cold sore… in the eye! She said it was herpes. Naturally, I asked if there was a blood test for that. ‘Sure, but it tests at least 95% positive.’ – she said. Pretty everyone has antibodies. She also said that antiviral meds might help, but didn’t think it was a good idea for someone just off dialysis

The moral of the story is obvious. Do nothing!

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