Places to Eat in Boston in South End. Pricey somewhat, but it's Senegalese cuisine, which is a weird fusion of Arab, African, Vietnamese, and French. Go now, it will not stay in business for long. You will see why once you are there. Make sure to get Fataya appetizer: savory pastry stuffed with seasoned fish filling (tuna) and served with sriracha sauce.

Basic bistro fair is downtown. I believe they have another Petit Robert in Kenmore Square or something. Get foie gras.Or calves liver. just reopened on the edge of Chinatown. It won't beat New York dumpling joints, where 4 dumplings, albeit of questionable contents, are sold for a buck (at least when I was there), but it's pretty darn decent.

And again, somewhat pricey, but, so far in my experience, the very best seafood around here – downtown. Kick ass.

Sushi – Q in Chinatown ( Right now they are in Boston mode. Some sort of water pipe motherfucker. It's amazing how screwed up this town is.

For super cheap food – New Saigon Sandwich (696 Washington Street in Chinatown) Excellent Banh Mi for three bucks made in two minutes from super fresh parts. Get chicken curry sandwich. Don't be scared of the woman there; she is not angry at you. She just looks this way from sriracha overdose..

And for authentic Chinese buffet – no menus, labels in Chinese only, cash only, and only one option: pound of rice, excellent MSG-based seaweed soup, and three very tasty sides (choices include coagulated blood, frog legs, liver) which you need to guess what they are and point your finger to choose for $4.50 (maybe 5.50 now) is Potluck Cafe at 7 Knapp Street in Chinatown. I am not sure there is an actual sign on the door. The street (if you can call it that) looks scary but it is safe. Trust me. Squid is excellent, btw.

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