Choosing to be Born (Again)

I have a problem with Hanson. He wants his head frozen into a popsicle (hopefully right after after he dies.) The reasoning is that there is a small chance that in the future it (head) will be thawed and hooked up to some sort of simulation, it is worth 100k or so of today's money. Furthermore, he believes that at the time, everyone will be basically operation on virtual mode. Of course, Hanson should do what he thinks is best for Hanson, but I like hearing myself talk.

I have two issues, and list three:

1. Science!
2. Government or Criminal Element (same, I'll explain)
3. Old people

Science! There is a significant chance that the dudes who are going to work on your melon might be morons. If you hang around the science types (I do it, so you don't have to), you'd quickly realize that the majority of them are morons. They believe in Science! and will quickly use your head for god knows what. What if they have some wires crossed and you end up in pain but unable to communicate it? Like fucking forever? Somehow being dead and blissfully unaware does not sound too bad.

Issue number 2 is torture. Yes, small chance, but payoff is huge. This is essentially the same as Science! but for different reasons. Suppose that someone thinks that they can extract information out of you. And go fucking medieval on your brain. Here is one way (has been known to happen, here is the source.) Short version is as follows. You wake up all tied up, reincarnated as a woman. They stick a soldering iron up your cunt and turn it on (the iron, that is.) This is not going to end well. Since this is a sim, they can easily kill you repeatedly forever.

Old people, and this is relatively minor concern, because I don't give a fuck about survival of civilization, but let's include it for argument's sake. Hanson might retain his bright mind till he dies when 90. Maybe he''ll remain flexible and open to new ideas and shit. But consider that the majority of gen pop thinks he is nuts. I'd say 99% of gerontological community probably thinks he is dangerous (I mean the shit he suggests, not personally.) Mental facilities and open mindedness deteriorate with age. Do you think it is healthy for the society to become one giant old geezer pool? Again, me, I don't give a fuck.

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