Voltage of Shit

NYT (link):
Visiting his third auto plant in the last week, Mr. Obama painted his efforts to save the industry as an act of patriotism, and the opposition to them as a fundamental expression of pessimism in the country. Even more than he did during a swing through Michigan last week, he suggested that his adversaries were virtually un-American in standing against his policies.
This is so Republican of him. Let’s appeal to patriotic feelings! I don’t know, when someone mentions that Chevy Volt costs $41k, but, not to worry, we will subsidise the motherfucker with tax dollars, I somehow do not feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What kind of a moron would buy a car that has a whopping 40 mile electric range, costs more than a decent BMW (even after subsidy), needs a plug-in (so, downtown apartment is out?), and, on top of this, will increase burning of coal? I mean, this car does not make sense if you are an environmental wacko! Needs a house for the plug and uses more fossil fuel.

If someone calls you un-American for opposing a particular policy, it is only because he has nothing else.

Disclaimer: this is a procrastination post with facts from memory and back of an envelope estimation.
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